For example, you want to ensure your intended customer is able to write their address on the right side of the postcard. This helps “volumize” the printed area or graphic by creating a raised area that not only sticks out more visually, but also in a tactile sense – you can feel the difference between the raised area and the non-raised area. With the enhanced artis 5000U UV printer platform, the Spot LED UV Varnish adds a gloss finish and UV coating that helps your signs stand up better to the elements outdoors. Varnish & Coatings. Varnishes offer a relatively low degree of protection compared to other coatings and laminates, but they are used widely, … No, varnishes and laminates are not the same. What are the different types of varnish coating? This happens more often with darker colors than with lighter colors. Let’s start with the 4 most common types of varnish coating used in printing and packaging: Gloss: Gloss is often applied over the full surface or in specific areas of your printed packaging. That said, both laminates and varnishes are used to refer to the same process – where a protective layer is added to make a piece look more luxurious or softer. Varnish is often added to packaging to protect the printed material against fingerprints, smudges and scuffs, and to enhance the depth of the packaging’s colors and overall appearance for a distinctive style. This makes the finished product very resistant to being rubbed or scratched. As I mentioned above, I recommend about 1/2 ounce of varnish per square foot of your print, per coat. Whether you want to convey the look of an elegant package that begs to be opened, or a high-impact, glossy, eye-catching piece that demands attention, every package has its audience and every audience has certain expectations in mind. Matte or dull varnish increases readability by diffusing light and reducing glare. UV Varnish Thermal Transfer Printing To get optimal TTR result – “Overcured” UV Varnish shows bad over printability with some ribbons. Aqueous coating is a clear, fast-drying water-based coating that is used to protect printed pieces. Coatings/Varnish Printing Plates Print coatings can help your printed products stand out by making them more durable, more elegant or by bringing the reader’s attention to the right spot. Learn more about how to apply a spot varnish. You can print the varnish either as a flood, which covers the entire print, or a spot varnish, which allows you to varnish only specific text, images or graphics on your printed piece. Covering the entire page, flood varnish provides protection and sheen. Instead of a singular process to produce varnish printing, there are different methods to achieve different results. Types of Print Coatings Varnishes. For instance, in wet trapping, the varnish applies the wet ink in-line for thorough registration. Varnish is a widely used print coating because of its low cost and variety of uses. More strategically, a spot varnish allows you to add shine or depth to specific elements, like photos or logos. Start by pouring a small amount of the varnish onto the print. Gloss: If you’re looking for a less showy and more muted gloss finish, AQ coating is an ideal solution.For a high gloss, UV coating or film laminates are better options. Tell us more about your packaging, your product and your goals. For example, a 24″x36″ print (6 square feet) would need about 3 ounces of varnish per coat. As it cures, the gloss coating is dulled down in the areas where the strike-through matte varnish had been applied. . What is Aqueous Coating for Printing and Packaging. Varnish coating can be a spot treatment applied to only certain elements of the project or can be a flooded, all-over coating. #refinepac, Lipstick Packaging! You can connect with him through Linkedin. #refine, Custom Cake Boxes for T-Mobile by Refine Packaging, Custom Popcorn Boxes ! The UV in UV coating means that the liquid coating is applied and then cured with UV drying lamps. The world is your canvas and we are the ones who make it possible... © 2020 Refine Packaging.

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