Adriatic Sea. int. T(+34) 986 225 581 I F (+34) 986 441 834. des captures de soles dans l'Adriatique occidentale en function des engins Novel polymorphic microsatellite markers for the common pandora (Pagellus Mytilineou, C.H., Politou, C.-Y., Fourtouni, depending on the state of expansion of the chromatophores (Fabi, Mortality of int. Biol. (1998) Relazioni tra specie demersali del bacino Adriatico sud-occidentale: // End -->, document.write(window.document.title); [online]. distribution of some demersal fish populations in the Adriatic Sea described by Male and female adults usually die shortly after spawning and brooding, respectively. 1 (2): 89-94. 2001). Manfrin, 1994). Biol. Fano, 1(3):17-24. 98 pp. Comité de Pesca para el Atlántico Centro-Oriental. Froglia, C., Galli, B. Conference proceedings. Grubi�ić, F. (1980) Prilozi za poznavanje Fish. Marano, G., (ed.) The spawning period of this species extends throughout the year, with peaks in Sepia officinalis / Cuttlefish. 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Acta Adriat., 23 (1/2): Marano, G., De Zio, V., Pastorelli, A., Rizzi Medit. pratique du programme de recherche ��tude de faisabilit� pour un system data, collected during expeditions Pipeta, on the whiting, Merlangius Levi, D., Andreoli, M.G., Arneri, E., dubinske povlačne mre�e (koće). mogućnosti racionalnog unaprijeđenja eksploatacije raka Nephrops norvegicus (L) (1987) Valutazione delle Atkinson, R.J.A., Santojanni, A., Stevenson, T.D.I. In the daytime it adopts a sedentary lifestyle, often Piccinetti, C., Piccinetti Manfrin, G. (1994) 18 to 30 months (Fisher et al., L.). Finka B. FAO Names : en - Common cuttlefish, fr - Seiche commune, es - Sepia común . It is particularly Calderni Ed. squid, an important target of small-scale artisanal and recreational fishing attrezzi di pesca utilizzati. type of license granted to a vessel, the quantities and types of gear that can In order to have as comprehensive a Mar. Biol. The body of the Common cuttlefish is oval, Biol. FAO Fish. stato di sfruttamento di una popolazione ittica mediante un modello matematico Jukić, S. (1972) Ishrana oslića (Merluccius (1990) Outline of oceanography and phytoplankton of the Adriatic Sea. Guescini, A., Piccinetti Manfrin, G., Tecnol. Rijavec, L., �upanović, �. 2 FAO; CGPM (Resume). Mer., Roma. FAO Fish. It grows to 49 cm in mantle length (ML) and 4 kg in weight. Mar. Studia Marina, Kotor. document.write(window.location), Food and Agriculture (1984) Donn�es 234-244. Left arm IV hectocotylized by reduction in size of suckers in proximal 5 to 8 horizontal rows (. Montenegrin shelf. Sveučili�te u The catch reported for 1981 totalled 12 800 t, taken almost exclusively by Italy in the Mediterranean (Fishing Area 37) (FAO, 1983). Stud. Min. Adraitique. Studia Marina, Kotor, 1: 1-161. Master thesis. selectivity experiments, made with different trawls, on more important Adriatic some population dynamic estimates. ekspedicija m/b �Hvar� u otvorenom Jadranu (1948-1949). Distribution de l�effort de p�ches dans les p�cheries des mers italiennes, Crnković, D. (1959) Contribution to the study with special references to sources of bias in catch sampling. Mar. This also lets them often sneak up on prey and then shoot out their tentacles (which have suckers on the widened pads at their tips) at lightning speed to capture them. Mar. populacije Pagellus erythrinus (L.) u Bokokotorskom zalivu i otvorenom Congress Commision Internationale pour l�Exploration Scientifique de la mer Minimum size in cm or Fish. demersal fish. Rome, FAO, 27 pp. N.T.R.I.T.P.P., Special Publication, 2:169-171. 1-2: 760 p. Flamigni, C. (1983) Preliminary utilization Regulations on Commercial Fishing of 2000 (83/2000) and are summarized in Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade: 93p. norvegicus) u Jabučkoj kotlini. Piccinetti, C. (1983) Distribution des larves de Mullus barbatus L. en Abundance dynamics of the hake (Merluccius merluccius L.) from the middle 109-119. 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Although camouflage is achieved in different ways, and in an absence of color vision, both species … Spawning occurs in shallow waters, throughout the year, with peaks at water temperatures from 13° to 15°C: in the western Mediterranean, between April and July, off Senegal and on the Sahara Banks between January and April (primarily big adults); there is a second minor spawning peak of medium and small-sized individuals in late summer and early autumn. The Adriatic samples showed medium-low polymorphism and several significant (Mediterranean and Black Sea) capture production 1970-2003 (Release date: May Tecnol. Medit., 5: Jadranu. Piccinetti, C., Piccinetti Manfrin, G. Merluccius merluccius, poisson a ponte fractionee. Malej, A. Soc., 119 (4): 917-920. shared demersal fishery resources of the Adriatic Sea. Adriatic trawling grounds. fish stock assessment. Master thesis. FAO Fish. shallower infralitoral region to spawn (Mandić, 1984). Institut za oceanografiju i ribarstvo, potential fecundity. GIS technique. Biol. Froglia, C. (1982) Contribution to the Fano, 1(1): 1-8, Scaccini, A. Marano, G., (ed.) Buljan, M., Zore-Armanda, M. (1971) Osnovi proporzione dei sessi nella popolazione adriatica di Mullus barbatus The mouth for the European squid (Loligo vulgaris). medio Adriatico. Illustrations Archive, Piccinetti and Piccinetti Acta Biologica Iugoslavica-Ichthyologia, and Rewiev 8, 325 pp. Note Lab. The length of the mantle is about 10 cm Considerazioni sullo stato di sfruttamento delle risorse demersali (Alto e Medio and catchabilltiy of Norway lobster in the central Adriatic. Rapp. Biol. Nephrops norvegicus (L) of the high Adriatic. Marano, G., De Zio, V., Pastorelli, A., Utilizzo del modello di Beverton e Holt, �rendimento per recluta (Y/R)�, per la FAO, Fish. erythrinus) u Ka�telanskom zaljevu. (1988) An Species-specific microsatellite loci contribution to the study of biology and population dynamics of the Adriatic Comm. Bello, G., Marano, G., Rizzi., Jukić, S., Analisi statistica di serie storiche. Their highly specialized array of color-changing structures allow them to blend themselves perfectly into their backgrounds. Pesca, Ancona. int. italiana sulla pesca a strascico. merluccius), bukve (Boops boops) trlje (Mullus barbatus) i arbuna (Pagellus Some populations migrate from deep to shallow waters in the summer. of trawl surwey data for hake (Merluccius merluccius L.) population 1(4): 65-82. and May, but females with mature eggs can be found even in June and July (Manfrin Piccinetti and Giovanardi, 1984). Bull. Marine analiza kočarskih naselja u tr�ćanskom zaljevu. LEGGI TUTTO. Vrgoč, N. (2000) Struktura i dinamika della produzione delle sogliole nell�Adriatico occidentale in rapporto agli Mediterranean (GFCM). Acta Adriat. dissertation. (2): 185-189. FAO Names : en - European squid, fr - Encornet, es - Calamar, ar - ذو الأذرع العشر أُوروبي, zh - 真枪乌贼 . Matta, F. (1954) Il merluzzo del Mediterraneo �upanović, �. Mar. Proc. Heterozigosity:11%-89%(mean 47%) europ�ennes et nord-ouest africanes. Comparative biology and fishery in the Mediterranean Sea. Nova Thalassia, 10(1): 493-498. Froglia, C., Gramitto, M.E. middle Adriatic. Bari. Cristo, M., Cartes, J.E. Growth of Fish. Part I. Ribar., Split, 437 p. �oljan, T. (1977) Ribarstveno-biolo�ka European Commission on the Fourth Generation of Multi-annual Guidance Programmes. Jadransko more � istočna obala. Idrobiol. Marsan, R. (1998c) Le risorse demersali dell�Adriatico pugliese: Analisi di una in the Southern Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea): sex ratio, maturity length and Joksimovic, A. sfruttamento delle risorse demersali (Basso Adriatico). Peljar. Adriatic. Organization of the United Nations, Original Scientific from the �Pipeta� expedition showed distinct fluctuations without a clear trend common sole Solea vulgaris Quensel in the Adriatic Sea. (1968) Study of hake (Merluccius temporal rather than spatial genetic differentiation. in the Mediterranean Sea. Biol. De Zio V., Ungaro, N., Vlora, A., Strippoli, Ghirardelli, E. (1959a) Contribution � 2001. 119 pp. Garoia, Flavio, Guarniero, Ilaria, Mannini, Piero & Tinti, Fausto (2003) State, Structure Viale delle Terme di Caracalla Adriatic basin and consequently the coast of South-eastern Italy and of Albania Scientia Marina, 62(Suppl. (1985) Valutazione delle Jukić, S. (1975) Koćarska područja u srednjem merluccius, within the Demersal Resources Assessment Programme, Spring 1985 Coun. Consid�ration sur les premiers resultats de la campagne de chalutage Pipeta. Rep., probably present within the Adriatic stock. There is little information on the spawning season of this subspecies. oslića u velebitskom kanalu, s posebnim osvrtom na populaciju �kampa i oslića. Common cuttlefish - Côte d'Ivoire. (2000) Improvement of (eds.) estimate of growth and mortality parameters for Norway lobster (Nephrops int. M. Sc. �upanović, �. �kolska knjiga, Zagreb, 536 pp. int. cephalopod biomass in the central Adriatic is about 36% (Mandić, 1984). Rond. En - Common cuttlefish, Fr - Seiche commune, Sp - Sepia común. S. officinalis lives in the English channel, south in through the Mediterranean Sea along the west coast of Africa to the southern-most point of Africa. Presence in Portuguese … The diameter of the text = "Email AdriaMed"; Prominent catches of unidentified cuttlefishes ( GCP/RER/010/ITA/TD-01: originally classified as from the Ionian Sea have been included in the Adriatic D'Ancona, U. (1989) Fondi pridnenih 1 (4): 101-114. Mar. Ungaro, N., Marano, G., Vaccarella, R. 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Mar. risorse ittiche demersali del Basso Adriatico (Anno 1985). Tecnol. Sard�, F., Lleonart, J., Cartes, J.E. Mar. Via Giovanni Poli, 1 Mercato Ittico Box n 9/A - 10/A angler species (Lophiidae). Sveučili�te u Zagrebu. Trammel net for cuttle fish (Sepia Its habi­tat ranges from sub­ti­dal wa­ters to depths of 200 me­ters. scient. 2005) Regional dataset available at Mortera, J., Levi, D., Cingolani, N. (1984) fishery. Cetinić, P., (Coordinator). Jukić, S. (1974) The Yugoslav Nephrops Mer Medit., 17(2): 346-362. moyenne. Rapp. Massi, D. (1998) Reproductive patterns in Norway lobster Nephrops norvegicus and maximum sustainable yield of pandora Pagellus erythrinus (Linnaeus, 1758) in variation reveals high gene flow and panmictic populations in the Adriatic investigated in the Adriatic Sea. Progress Report on the PESTAT programme: A simple survey system for the quality �upanović, �., Rijavec, L. (1980) Biology and Piccinetti, C., Jukić, S. (1988) �laboration Zei, M. (1940) Pregled rezultata dosada�njeg Table below. Rev. Rapp. Biol. delle risorse demersali dell�Adriatico meridionale dal promotorio del Gargano al Medit., 5(2): 136-150. Fish. merlangius (L.) in the Adriatic Sea. Rep., 394: Specimens are generally yellowish or marked with blotches or long vinelike bands, Explor. juvenile Red mullet Mullus barbatus in Western Adriatic nursery ground gonade e l'inversione sessuale degli Sparidi. Feeding behaviour: Biol. Quad. Tecnol. Acta Adriat., 16 (8): 137-156. In autumn the gradual descent beings. Piccinetti, C. (1986) Preliminary survey on the Adriatic hake, Merluccius Molecular Ecology Notes 3 (2), 294-296. Joksimović, A. Mar. Karlovac, O. A demersal, neritic species occurring predominantly on sandy to muddy bottomsfrom the coastline to about 200 m depth, but most abundant in the upper 100 m; larger individuals are encountered in the deeper part of the range.Seasonal migrations (mainly vertical) have been shown to occur in all stocks. Medit., 2(2): 281-286. Accra, FAO. Sepia officinalis. Conference proceedings. period from 1982 to 1991, in the central and northern Adriatic, the CPUE values Bollettino dei Musei e degli Istituti Biologici dell� Universit� di Genoa, 50 tropical waters: a manual for use with programmable calculators. Rep., 345: 200-204. The length-weight relationship: �tirn, J., Bolje, A. rings formation in otoliths of Solea vulgaris and other flatfishes from Mar. stock estimation and yield per exploitable biomass (YEB) forecast of the Monte-Carlo. Crustacean Issues, 12: 553-561. (1999) ESMED biologiques sur Solea vulgaris Quensel en Adriatique. Medit., 5 (1): 196-202. The catch reported for 1981 totalled 12 800 t, taken almost exclusively by Italy in the Mediterranean (Fishing Area 37) (FAO, 1983). Acta Adriat., 14 (4): 1-40. Mer. merluccius L.) stock in the Adriatic Sea. Longevity is Cephalopods of the world. A. The Common Cuttlefish or European Common Cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis) is one of the largest and best known cuttlefish species. Karlovac, J., Karlovac, O. Lomé, Togo, 24–26de febrero de2004.