Event Floor Plan

STATION 101: Bibik Heritage

KLIA 2 S2-3-L40, Level 3

At Bibik Heritage, the flavours of the past are reproduced with scrupulous authenticity, bringing diners a selection of perennial favourites from Peranakan or Baba Nyonya cuisine. Your experience begins as soon as you enter the restaurant, which has been built in traditional Peranakan style. On the menu you’ll find signature dishes like inchi kabin, a Nyonya version of fried chicken, ayam pong teh, a soul- satisfying chicken and potato stew, and the perennial Nyonya laksa, a creamy curry broth served with prawns, noodles and thick sambal. For those with a sweet tooth, Bar Baba offers a range of exquisite desserts.

STATION 102: Boost Juice Bars

KLIA L2-45, Level 2

When it comes to fresh fruit juices and wholesome smoothies, Boost Juice Bars have become one of the nation’s favourite places. The Australian brand first formed in 2000 and has since brought its nutritious goodness all over the world. Everything you’ll find at these colourful counters is at least 98% fat free and devoid of any additivities or artificial flavouring. Healthy thinking is the philosophy here, and if customers would like an extra dose, they have the option to add boosters like chia seeds, wheatgrass, and superfruits like acai berry extract and pomegranate to their drink.

STATION 103: Burger King

L2M-25, Level 2, Terminal KLIA 2 | L3-30, Level 3, Gateway@KLIA2

Famous for being the ‘Home of the Whopper’, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. With over 50 restaurants spread across Malaysia, the brand is famous for its juicy flame-grilled burger patties, premium ingredients, signature recipes and family-friendly dining venues. Since opening its first outlet in Malaysia in 1997, it has been one of the country’s most successful fast food chains. Whether it’s an original Whopper, a fish burger or a chicken sandwich, quality is ensured.

STATION 104: Dome Cafe

KLIA 2 S2-3-L41, Level 3

This Australian export is the perfect place to spend quality time with your loved ones over a nice meal while basking in the old-world European interior. Customers have fallen in love with the artisanal coffee and baked goods here – paired with the ambience, it sets the perfect tone for creating wonderful moments. The café also offers a menu of all-day breakfast, soups, pastas, pies, burgers and Malaysian dishes like nasi lemak and Nyonya laksa.

STATION 105: Flight Club, Flight Club Grab & Go

KLIA Satellite Building Mezzanine SN M01, Level 2

Located opposite the Premium Lounge at KLIA, Flight Club is your destination if you’re craving a nutritious meal made with the freshest ingredients. The menu is loaded with healthy delights hailing from both the East and the West. The chefs have created a range of dishes that are “Herbs and Seeds inspired” as stated in the motto, all available a la carte or on a buffet for customers to choose. Open 24 hours a day, Flight Club also offers a selection of coldpressed juices, which are a great pick-me-up either before or after a long flight.

STATION 106: Fukuya

KLIA Satellite Building Mezzanine SS M05/ SS M08, Level 2

Fukuya’s comprehensive menu is packed with the delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine. Open around the clock, you can’t go wrong with the wide selection of sushi on offer here, made by an accomplished chef with decades of experience. If you’re there during peak hours, head to the sushi belt where you can watch this master at work. Meanwhile, hot items like the bento sets, ramen bowls and rice dishes are perfect if you need something hearty

STATION 108: Grandmama’s

KLIA Satellite Building Mezzanine SS M01, Level 2

If you’re after a wide spread of Malaysian cuisine that’s been cooked with heart and soul, Grandmama’s hits the spot. After all, who doesn’t love their nana’s food? You can pick and choose from classic Malay, Chinese and Indian dishes, found along the length and breadth of Malaysia. There’s something for everyone at this homely eatery, whether it’s fried, spicy, saucy or sweet. From the country’s unofficial national dish, nasi lemak, to a complex seafood curry hot pot – you’ll find it all at Grandmama’s.

STATION 109: McDonald’s

KLIA 18B, Level 5

Who hasn’t heard of this ubiquitous chain, which has been sprouting all over the world since the first one opened nearly 80 years ago in California. Here in Malaysia it has a special place in the hearts of locals, earning the affectionate nickname “Mekdi”. Typical of the Golden Arches brand, it has gone native by offering menu options that display a distinctive Malaysian identity. These include the Nasi Lemak McD, Bubur Ayam McD, Teh Tarik and other seasonal specials.

STATION 110: O’Briens

KLIA Satellite Building, SATMZ 3(a)-(b), Mezzanine Level

Founded in 1988, this Irish café has since expanded to over 200 stores worldwide with 23 outlets in Malaysia. With its made-to-order hot or cold sandwiches, tripledeckers, toasties, and wraps, a meal at O’Briens is wholesome and healthy. The menu also contains seasonal-based soups, refreshing smoothies, gourmet coffees, specialty teas, cakes and snacks to tease taste buds. O’Briens ensures that only the best produce and ingredients are used, underscoring the belief that a healthy lifestyle begins with healthy food.

STATION 111: Papparich

KLIA Satellite Building Lot 18A Level 5

Established in 2006, this home-grown brand has flourished tremendously with well over a hundred locations around the globe. With a packed menu featuring Malaysian staples from its diverse ethnic groups, Papparich has been spreading this country’s celebrated cuisine wherever a new branch opens overseas. Rice and noodle dishes, local snacks and desserts, Western meals and plenty in between tempt diners here. Of course, there is a lush beverage menu as well, sporting coolers, shakes and ice blended options alongside coffees and teas.

STATION 112: Popeyes

KLIA 2 S6-3-A04, Level 3

Operating since 1976, Popeyes Chicken has been globally recognised for its Southern style chicken sandwiches that have won over millions of hearts. What began as a small restaurant and a big idea turned into a craze that took America – and then various other parts of the world – by storm. Popeyes embodies the spirit of Louisiana with its rich Cajun and creole flavours, elements of which are found across the whole menu. At Popeyes, you can expect the crispiest, juiciest and tastiest fried chicken out there.

STATION 113: Puffy Buffy

KLIA 2 S3-2-A10, Level 2

Whether you’re after one of KLIA’s tastiest nasi lemaks, or a lasagna that will knock your socks off, Puffy Buffy delivers on both the Eastern and Western fronts. This inviting eatery has an airy, relaxed and cheerful vibe about it, perfect for family get-togethers. Some of the highlights on the menu here are from the local side, including the ikan masak asam pedas or masak lemak daging salai sets. On top of that, the restaurant also offers a range of pastries and snacks that you can pick up and walk with if you’re in a rush.

STATION 114: Sama-Sama Express

KLIA 2 L3 Satellite Building

Transiting at the Sama-Sama Express Hotel in klia2 is a convenient way to while away some time without having to exit the airport. It welcomes travellers passing through with a modern, quiet, and comfortable ambience. Those craving for a tasty bite can head over to The Airport Lounge, whose comfortable confines house a wide array of food and beverages to choose from. Western favourites such as pasta and pizza come in several forms here, while snacks like a variety of local kuih (pastries) and other dishes are available as well.

STATION 115: Starbucks

KLIA Satellite Building 17(A)-(B) & 18, Mezzanine Level

A name that has become synonymous with coffee, Starbucks has spread to over 30,000 locations across the world since beginning operations in Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. That was almost 40 years ago, and one thing that has remained consistent throughout that time is its commitment to serving some of the world’s finest fresh-roasted whole bean coffees. That, and the sense of community that prevails at each outlet. We recommend pairing a latte with one of the many delicious cakes baked fresh daily – a combination that can’t go wrong.

STATION 116: Soul Chicken

KLIA 2 S2-3-L39,Level 3

Korean fried chicken has taken KL by storm over the last few years with numerous brands offering this delicacy. One of them is Soul Chicken, which gives foodies an authentic taste of Korea. Fried twice to achieve an extra crunchy texture, Soul Chicken’s offerings are packed with salty, sweet, savoury and umami flavours. The juicy and tender chicken comes in original, soy garlic and spicy flavours. There is also a selection of Korean staples like kimchi fried rice, chicken bulgogi, and Korean spicy ramyoen to augment the meal.

STATION 117: Tampopo Express

KLIA 2 S2-3-L03A, Level 3

Transporting diners’ taste buds to the Land of the Rising Sun is Tampopo, which serves up Japanese cuisine in a fun and contemporary way. Brought over from Singapore, Tampopo is a casual dining restaurant that’s big on flavour. A star on the menu here is the ramen, which comes in a rich aromatic broth that’s been simmered for hours on end, giving it unbeatable umami notes. Complementing the selection of ramen and udon dishes are other Nippon delicacies such as sashimi, sushi, crispy chicken katsu and many more.

STATION 118: Taste of India

KLIA 2 S6-3-A21, Level 3

For some of klia2’s best Indian, head to Urban Food Court where you’ll find Taste of India – complete with a selection of fragrant dishes that will make your mouth water just from reading the menu. That comes as no surprise when delights like masala dosa, mutton biryani, tandoori chicken, fluffy naan bread and a list of hearty curries adorn it. Pair any of those with a lassi or chai tea and you’ll be smiling to the gate. You’ll find various dishes from all around the subcontinent on offer here so you can taste your way all around India.

STATION 119: Toastbox

KLIA 2 L2-99, Level 2

A food court can be found in almost every KL shopping mall where they attract crowds at almost all times of the day. At klia2, Urban Food Court is a concentrated culinary zone where you’ll find a large selection of outlets, among which is Toast Box, which boasts a menu of soul-satisfying local classics for breakfast, lunch or dinner. A list of nostalgic items are available here like Nanyang kopi, kaya toast, laksa, Singapore mee siam and curry chicken. For a true classic, order the traditional soft boiled eggs with thick toast combo.