MIGF KULinary 2019 Wraps Up!

It was a lively, enjoyable three days at the Stage Area of KL International Airport’s Departure Hall as MIGF KULinary 2019 invited one and all to try the best food available at KLIA and its sister airport, klia2 from 8 to 10 November.

From around 80 outlets at KLIA and klia2, 19 restaurants were shortlisted and awarded by a panel of esteemed MIGF judges for MIGF KULinary. These Award Winners were the stars of the event, each occupying a charming pop-up stand side-by-side.

Contained in one convenient, welcoming location, visitors – passers-by, airport personnel, airline employees and more – sampled delicious tasting portions of the various foods that netted these leading KLIA and klia2 restaurants MIGF KULinary Awards. From 12pm to 8pm across the three days, the MIGF KULinary space became a hive of activity, while Lifestyle Workshops by culinary experts and Cooking Demonstrations by top chefs added to the fun.

The curtain came down at 8pm on 10 November, but for the participating restaurants, there was still more to MIGF KULinary – a final awards ceremony! These Awards of Achievement recognise the restaurant stalls that performed the best during the event. It was also a celebration party to mark the success of the event.  

Food from each outlet was laid out on a long table, allowing employees from each restaurant to taste what the rest of the MIGF KULinary field had to offer. “This event is about fellowship. We have been doing MIGF for 17 years and we know for a fact that food connects people. Now I’m watching you try out each other’s food quite happily,” said MIGF Organising Chairman Dato’ Steve Day.

“It’s been a privilege working with you. You are all winners outright, you’re the guys so let’s have a big collective cheer!” he continued, inviting everyone present to applaud each other.

He then talked about the Awards of Excellence, noting that while they look at the outlet booths that stood out during MIGF KULinary, they are icing on the cake. “Everyone’s already a winner for just being here, and as far as I am concerned, you have all got the biggest hearts and you’re such warm, friendly people. Thank you very much for these wonderful few days.”

Dato’ Steve then proceeded to hand out the Awards of Excellence, which can be seen below, before reiterating that “food stands for fun, fellowship, friendship, family, everything.” He also thanked the AsiaReach Events organising team, headed by Datin Su Wai Fun, for their large part in MIGF KULinary.

The Most Creative Booth Design – Bibik Heritage

The Most Creative Portion Presentation – Tampopo Express 

The Most Food Portions Redeemed on the Launch Evening – Burger King 

The Most Drink Portions Redeemed on the Launch Evening – Boost 

The Most Drink Portions Sold Overall at MIGF KULinary – Starbucks

The Most Food Portions Sold on Day 1 of MIGF KULinary – Soul Chicken

The Most Food Portions Sold on Day 2 of MIGF KULinary; The Most Food Portions Sold on Day 3 of MIGF KULinary; and The Most Food Portions Overall at MIGF KULinary – PappaRich

All the Winners together on stage with Dato’ Steve Day and Datin Su Wai Fun!