So give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. Start studying the end of the old regime. It ended the careers of several ministers and dozens of other members of parliament, as well as the Speaker of the Commons himself. We know what this means: what Jesus at this point is only hinting at – that he himself is the Christ, that yes, he is the Son of David, and that he is far more than mere man. Madoff’s trial was a sensation; at last, the long-hidden truth came to light. Want more information about Bible Gateway Plus? The earlier volume dealt with European and Italian public opinion through the important decade that ended with the American Declaration of Independence. Behind this respectable veneer, says Jesus, this apparent spirituality, this swanning around in fine clothes, this honour and distinction – behind all this, there is no reality: no heart for God, no love for people, not even any true reverence for his Word which they make so much of. That grace came first; that was how he became ‘your God’. ‘Well said!’ he responds. That is the great national hope; and whichever of the various parties they belong to, and even though they won’t all see it the same way, it’s a hope that all the Jews share. He’d be ‘the God of the dead’! The Old Testament contains the seeds of all these great truths; in the New, the seeds spring to life in Christ as he is revealed as the final, supreme and glorious revelation of God to humanity. Jesus calls his disciples to an all-or-nothing faith, to trust the Lord for everything, without exception. That is why, speaking by the Holy Spirit, David looks ahead and calls Jesus Christ ‘my Lord’. In Mark’s gospel, significantly, that warning of judgement is the very last public statement that Jesus makes. If only they believed their own speech – yes, he truly is Jesus the man of integrity, teaching God’s way in accordance with the truth. Then he will leave the Temple for the last time. by Journal of Social History. ‘The Lord is one’. He will take us through, and one day will come our resurrection to new life in a new and perfect world. The coin is the lepton – one of the smallest copper coins in existence, each worth less than one-hundredth of the denarius mentioned in v.15. The second part extends the narrative to Eastern Europe. The Causes of the French Revolution 1. The teachers of the Law, or scribes, are mostly Pharisees; Matthew’s account of this incident confirms that he is (Matthew 22:34-40). As previously, this historical drama is viewed through Italian publishing and journalism that observed a cosmopolitan world from Turin, Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, and Naples and that intelligently interpreted it. Jesus, frankly, is not impressed by their argument. It’s here in the Court of Women that the offering boxes are placed, fixed to the walls, thirteen of them in all, with trumpet-shaped funnels into which you throw your money. Yes, our true citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3:20) – but as Christians we are also called to be good citizens here – above all, for the sake of the gospel. The Lord is ‘our God’, ‘your God’ (vv.29-30). There is a higher authority before whom the world’s biggest dictators, the greatest autocrats, must learn to bow. The repetition in the question makes it more probing. As time goes by, you acquire a huge heap of people’s money. The easy way to get free eBooks every day. Try it free for 30 days. He confronts one group after another and declares them spiritually bankrupt. In the parable of the tenants (12:1-12), he has already established his authority to make such judgements: now he condemns the old regime for their hypocrisy and failure. The coin gives him the title, Pontifex Maximus, Supreme high priest – all very worrying for any Jew who’s committed to worshipping the one, true God, Yahweh. Perhaps you yourself have been disgusted by the yawning gap between what some Christians say and the way that they live. In church, surely a big gift must automatically be worth more. There is really nothing amusing about hypocrisy like this. It’s a hope that springs directly from the pages of the Old Testament, for example in Jeremiah 23:5-6 and Isaiah 9:6-7. It’s obvious that they are simply trying to butter him up. He will be a descendant in right line from the great King David. Clearly, there is a challenge for us here too. It’s a love that takes us into places that we would never otherwise go – for God’s glory and for the love of our neighbour. In theory, they might be very poor; but from what Jesus says, not many of them are. The way that we react to that news may depend on whether we have been blissfully married for fifty years, or have a less than happy marriage, or are single; but all such reactions miss the point. There’s a Roman fortress (the Antonia, on the northern side of the Temple) about a hundred yards away as they speak. Jesus has a choice. Today, as he is our God too, he will be the same for us, in life and in death – through the trials of this life and through the greatest trial of all which lies at life’s end. Among Jesus’ supporters from Galilee, some of whom are no doubt within earshot at this moment, there are plenty of Zealots. Notice how Jesus responds to the Sadducees in vv.24-27. We need to be clear about what this does not mean, for this little sentence has given rise to a lot of confusion. In fact, if there were marriages in the new world, they’d all be perfect, like everything else there! Whatever might be true in the world at large, says Jesus, in the eyes of God this widow with her few pennies has given more than all the big guys. Just as he sat and watched the people’s giving on that day in the Temple, so he sees each of us today. Nor does Jesus mean that there are some things which belong to God and other things which belong to this world, as if not everything belongs to God, as if there are some things which are ‘sacred’ – God’s special stuff – and some things which are ‘secular’ – not God’s special stuff. So here’s the point – v.37. The prophets knew that, but even so it takes some saying when you are standing within earshot of the great altar of sacrifice – that love for God and man matters more than what is going on just over there. Create or log in to your Bible Gateway account. The France of King Louis XVI was a country divided. The commandment which takes second place is found in Leviticus – ‘love your neighbour as yourself’, summing up the second half of the Ten Commandments. It discusses the growing movement of republican patriotism and the attempt to reform the Hapsburg, Russian, and Ottoman Empires. His scheme for ripping people off was not specially original; essentially, it works like this. Get this from a library! It encapsulates the first half of the Ten Commandments. In this next section of Mark’s gospel, Jesus concludes his public ministry; and he does so with what amounts to a sentence of death on the old religious regime. And our own governments likewise are accountable to God for every step they take. He sees that the man has tuned in to what he has told him: he has ‘answered wisely’ (v.34). He is saying that these people are not all they seem. To him, this is Cambridge professor addressing rustic yokel! Otherwise, come with me and let’s revisit what Jesus says here. He shows us the difference between the fakes and the genuine article. It can be in us only if God himself has put it here in the first place! It is a political trap. Again, the question is based on the Law of Moses, but this time the questioner does not come across as a cynic.

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