In Reply to: Laugh like a drain posted by ESC on December 24, 2000: A British actor was quoted as saying that he "laughed like a drain." "horselaugh." What does laugh like a drain mean? Information and translations of laugh like a drain in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. bust a gut. die laughing. laugh loudly. Meaning of laugh like a drain. 10 ♦ laugh like a drain Informal to laugh loudly and coarsely 11 ♦ laugh up one's sleeve to laugh or have grounds for amusement, self-satisfaction, etc., secretly Laugh like a drain definition: to laugh a lot | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples I read my tattered copies of P.G. be doubled up. howl. laugh at somebody/something; laugh like a drain; laugh your head off; have the last laugh; laugh in somebody’s face; laugh till/until you cry; laugh all the way to the bank; laugh somebody/something out of court; not know whether to laugh or cry; See more Phrasal verbs. laugh like a drain. How to pronounce, definition audio dictionary. laugh-like-a-drain definition: Verb to laugh like a drain 1. sneer. All I found was the phrase is comparable to the U.S. Antonyms for laughing like a drain. laugh like a drain (third-person singular simple present laughs like a drain, present participle laughing like a drain, simple past and past participle laughed like a drain) (Britain, simile) To laugh with a loud, coarse sound laughing like a drain phrase. roar with laughter. Wodehouse and laughed like a drain. I was just wondering if any one knows what the author means by this. Definition of laughing like a drain in the Idioms Dictionary. It acts a lot like a thesaurus except that it allows you to search with a definition, rather than a single word. Video shows what laugh like a drain means. be in stitches. Laugh like a drain. laugh … To laugh with a loud, coarse sound. 101 synonyms for laugh: chuckle, giggle, snigger, crack up, cackle, chortle, guffaw, titter, roar, bust a gut, be convulsed, be in stitches, crease up.... What are synonyms for laughing like a drain? What does laughing like a drain expression mean? crease up. Posted by Patty on December 26, 2000. smirk. Synonyms for laughing like a drain in Free Thesaurus. If you laugh like a drain, you laugh noisily. shake with laughter. What is the origin of that? Definition of laugh like a drain in the dictionary. I'm reading a book, the author is English, and she wrote that the character "Laughed like a drain" I'm assuming this is and English phrase, because I've never heard anyone in America say it. be rolling in the aisles. snort. Laugh like a drain Meaning. hoot. So in a sense, this tool is a "search engine for words", or a sentence to word converter. hoot with laughter. Learn more. We glanced across at each other and I saw he was laughing like a drain! What does laugh like a drain mean? be creased up. laugh something off; laugh at somebody/something; Idioms. be convulsed with laughter. laugh like a drain definition: 1. to laugh a lot, very loudly 2. to laugh a lot, very loudly. 5 Answers. Answer Save. dissolve into laughter. burst out laughing.

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