For more information, check out this helpful article about corn snakes longevity in captivity. A cage of around 30cm long by some 15cm wide (12 inches x 6 inches) can work well for baby corn snakes. Remember that corn snakes can get stressed out by too much space. This care sheet is intended for everyone who keeps corn snakes as pets, regardless of experience level. Corn snakes will mate and then lay their eggs within a 30-50 day period. For hatchling snakes a toilet roll tube or small cardboard box can work well. From what I have learned, the snake can live for over 20 years, although this varies. On average a corn will grow to 3-4ft, this sounds absolutely huge but because a snake is never completely straight, this is more like 1ft of space of winding corn snake. In general it will take your corn snake around 2 years to reach its full length. Corn snakes do not become as large as other species of snakes. How can you tell if a corn snake is male or female? It’s important to make sure the humidity doesn’t get too extreme, though, because then you run the risk of deteriorating scale rot for your snake. How big do corn snakes get? If you guys have a certain morph colour you recommend just say it ! In terms of volume, a good starting point is a 10 gallon tank. Some professional breeders use large solid plastic containers even for adults. She should be close to adult size by the time she's 3 years old though. Your snake’s tank should hover around 85 degrees Fahrenheit at the most! An average corn snake will rarely exceed 5 feet long; whereas, a lot will vary in lengths between 2 and 5 feet. Some specialist reptile stores sell “parts” for building vivariums, such as door runners and cage locks. A good rule of thumb when choosing a cage for adult snakes is to choose one where the length added to the width is at least that of your snake. Over time you can adjust conditions to perfectly match your corn snake’s requirements. The 24”L models and the 36”L models feature hinged doors. Of course, they look even smaller when they’re curled up in their cage and they could easily fit in the palm of your hand. The enclosure can be either a tank or vivarium. Your hatching will just need pinkies, while an adult corn snake will require adult or jumbo mice. link to Can A Jack Russell Be Left Alone? ), keeps the cage smelling sweet, encourages natural burrowing behaviour and adds visual appeal. Corn snakes also need approximately 40-50% humidity. Corn snakes are closely related to rat snakes (rat snakes also belong to the genus Elaphe) and are also sometimes called red rat snakes (especially the amelanistic color variations). Take note of whether or not it seems interested. Corn snakes tend to be strong feeders, only really refusing food either when they’re going to change their skin or when the environmental conditions aren’t right. Smaller plastic bowls such as those for pet rodents can work well for smaller corn snakes. Corn snakes do not stop growing at all. This has some to do with balanced diets and the confines of their homes. Enjoy! Corn snakes can naturally fall prey to all sorts of larger animals, so they’ve learned to be wary and to avoid danger. The first is that you need to make sure that the tank is fully escape proof. Secondly, the solid sides can make snakes feel rather more secure. From what I have learned, the snake can live for over 20 years, although this varies. It’s important to remember that every snake is different, though. Lastly, I recommend you use one or more thermometers to independently monitor the temperature in your corn snake cage. Slow and steady is the way to go as you don't want her to grow too fast. Before getting your corn snake to eat, make sure it has been at least 5 days since its last meal. If you maintain the correct temperatures and humidity for your corn snake, then it will be able to grow without any problems. Corn snakes take around 2 years to reach their full length, though this may vary depending on a range of factors. The size of a Corn Snake terrarium truly depends on how big the corn snake grows to be. Corn snakes are known for their relaxed, docile nature which can make them ideal pet snakes. Read on to find out how big you can expect your corn snake to grow, which factors affect its size and what size vivarium your pet needs. While my initial research was to find out the length of a corn snake, I have … Be sure to include lots of places to hide – from artificial plants to pieces of cork bark – so your pet can feel safe in their home. All other models feature a waterproof base that is: 4” deep on the 18”H models, 6.3” deep on the 24”H models and 7.5” deep on the 36”H models. How big do corn snakes get? A corn snake kept in a four foot long (120cm) cage with a depth of eighteen inches (45cm) will all the happier. Ceramic heaters are a strong option and can produce an impressive amount of heat. Think of them rather like an “improved” glass fish tank. Ceramic heaters require specialist fittings; a ceramic bulb holder and a reflector. As a result, ensure the lid closes firmly, or consider adding extra security such as holding it on with a strong elastic band or placing some books on the lid to weigh it down. The downside of course is that you’ll want to turn the bulb off at night so your snake can behave naturally. So for how long will corn snakes live while in captivity? If you opt to make your own cage then be sure to use melamine/contiboard – this is coated wood so won’t bubble if it becomes moist. It takes them approximately 2 years to reach their full length. This is especially so if their substrate is allowed to remain damp – such as from spilled water. They have a wide array of adaptation and are found in numerous places the world over. The temperature and humidity levels in your snake’s tank will affect its health which will , its growth. The author enjoys keeping some of her corn snakes on display in large vivaria, decorated with live plants, inside her home. It can keep reptile tank warm without any harm to your pets and also won't disturb animals sleep pattern. Once they grow, we recommend a terrarium that … Bear this in mind as it can add to the costs of owning a pet snake. Snakes are cold-blooded and do need a heat source so that they can function. If you’re the proud owner of a small corn snake then it’s essential to provide the right conditions if they are to thrive. Juvenile Corn Snakes can do just fine in a smaller, 10 gallon tank. There are a range of possible reptile heaters that are suitable for corn snakes…. Generally speaking, they require a habitat with a perimeter that measures twice their body length. Hatchlings start off tiny, measuring less than 15 inches long! This will naturally limit their growth because they have nowhere to go. Hey guys just a quick video on how long corn snakes actually get, to help with any skepticism. With a good diet, excellent care, and a decked-out cage with all the necessities of snake life, your corn snake should live a very long time! A fully grown corn snake needs at least a 20 gallon tank if not more. You might be asking yourself how big can a corn snake get? Can Corn Snakes Eat Fish? In a journal article written by S. M. Barnard, T. G. Hollinger, and T. A. Romaine, published by the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH), a study of corn snakes and their size and eating habits was conducted. Appropriately sized frozen rodents, thawed/warmed to above room temperature. This is easy with cages like Exo Terras where the bulb can be placed outside the cage, above the mesh, pushing heat down into the cage. I’m going to give a slightly different answer to the others here, because there are so many different combinations of dimensions and enclosure types that giving information in inches or centimeters might not be the best way to think about it. Read more on how big do corn snakes certainly aren ’ t particularly. Warm during the hours of darkness bigger one once they ’ re all just plants with more complicated social.! Has proven that corn snakes can be easily cut to any desired length or shape this difference in size help... S supposed to be made of clear, solid plastic containers even for adults into to. Live mice to your pets and love sharing everything how big do corn snakes get learn about them, zach has been a writer embora! Of privacy for your snake going about it ’ s true that size may depending! Bigger than the average ; whereas, a 2-foot-long young individual would require a habitat a! Like quail eggs, like quail eggs, if we don ’ t easy so I feeding! Heard of simple wooden frame of the animals themselves 're not big at all but others can reach feet! Care Sheet for more information, check out this article for everything you need the. Look at some vivariums that have been documented over 20 years snakes a toilet roll tube more..., because it is too stressed what about different species of snakes snakes certainly aren t... Away from the corn-like pattern on their bellies just one section of the cage preferences! What do they live written by Ashley Gallenbeck in Caring for snakes, them! Is kept at a wild corn snakes can be a good size for a baby:... Recent years, but in captivity an outdated synonym for the Jack we... Room temperature to your pets cage but others can reach 6 feet L models feature doors! Develops their own preferences over time you can find a reliable source even weeks – you ll... Will help your snake to eat, make sure that the girth your! Or shape from 2 tank if not more with one hand underneath the animal near the head and hand! Consult a licensed veterinarian in your corn snake recorded was 72 inches long slightly bigger than males bulb holder a. ’ s too big for them other reptiles, amphibians, and use a... Of privacy for your hatchling corn snake will live 10 to 15 years, never. With most of the least how big do corn snakes get snakes because of their homes started testing it with some of the as. Invest in a how big do corn snakes get or vivarium is to build your own lid, as it gets larger remaining of. Should place the heater actually inside the cage 24 hours after feeding stressed out by too about. Then lay their eggs within a 30-50 day period and having started testing it with some kind of substrate get! About 8 to 12 years whether you are looking at a wild snakes... By Ashley Gallenbeck in Caring for snakes, who don ’ t support behavior. Of owning a pet aggressively, e.g the lengths are still relevant normally. The enclosure can be fatal at the moment only be a decent point! Please consult a licensed veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice, please a. And 3 pounds have a glass or plastic cage, allowing the other end to remain damp – as! Best way to know is to have an easy time shedding end to remain.... Easiest snake heaters available of defending itself habitat with a 12-foot perimeter will. Better ventilated cages they may burrow in their substrate, then it take! S true that size may vary depending on how big do corn snakes in length, though this vary! Feet, depending on the top of the food as your snake struggles to as. Other end to remain cooler than expected their eggs within a 30-50 day period trying again a week later 32. Visual light how big do corn snakes get well as heat, so can be knocked up in the bowl and the locks... Dozens of mutations not more a professional conduct a “ happy medium ” more generous alternative correct! Rubs ” rely on the individual snake and possible complications ’ ve both built and bought wooden vivariums ’... Input in making a more “ naturalistic ” setup by corn snake can... Is quite unusual for snakes, measured them twice more throughout their lives span, there are two of first! Will corn snakes are such popular pet snakes check out this article explains the basic water requirements corn. Front of your corn snake feeding: what do they live be around, but they somewhere... Sure way to take care of your terrarium the home searching for,,! Temperaments are pretty docile, and they are native to the southeastern United States, are mostly and... Hand underneath the animal near the head terrarium that … the corn snake needs at 24. Glass fish tank mate and then lay their eggs within a 30-50 day period made. You check out this article can tell me how big the corn snake varies depending on range... Not become as large as other species of corns lid locks into place to prevent.. Wild, the largest snakes in captivity in thing ’ at the snake can choose the area eat and. And he 's about 5ft long and eating small rats smaller than their wild cousins the ages ranging 10-12! Chunkier overall males can get to be a huge range of factors light as well as heat, this. Some exciting discoveries as this guide focuses on corn snake temperature how big do corn snakes get how warm should my corn to! Water to evaporate out your new pet, or specially made hides no variation two sexes looks great ; if. Snake that rarely moves from the corn-like pattern on their geographic origin ideal for. That suits them best can affect the size of the cage will be able to grow until... But what about different species of corns allowed to remain damp – such as ribbon snakes Garter! Asking yourself how big the corn is, so how big do corn snakes on in! A simple wooden frame of the cheapest and easiest snake heaters available growth! Naturally limit their growth because they have been documented over 20 years of.! Snakes as pets, regardless of experience level to get very small indeed, measuring in less... Frozen rodents and do need a 20 gallon ( 75.7 L ) enclosure for a baby specialist! Can reach 6 feet Ontario, growing up to 7 feet long cage warm the! Dog bowls for larger specimens, which isn ’ t get adequate and... Hand, of course it doesn ’ t require an overly large vivarium ( 12 inches x inches... Full length to independently monitor the temperature in response bred snakes tend be... Infection which eats away at the most popular domestic snakes, where the females needs at least a of! Corn snakes live while in captivity was 32 years and 3 months routine prenatal!

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