I was surprised to find that the product doesn’t render fat the way that ground beef, or the Beyond Burger does for the matter. Source: Lightlife The new Lightlife plant-based ground is meant to have the same great taste and juicy texture as traditional ground beef. The kicker for me was I paid $7.99 for this product, compared to $10.99 for the ground Beyond Meat. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lightlife, Smart Ground Crumbles, Fat Free, 12 oz at Amazon.com. I didn’t add any oil to aid in browning, because I wanted to see how the product reacted on its own. It holds together as it's slightly sticky like cow flesh is. I decided to try baking them in a preheated 350 F oven for 15 minutes on a lined baking sheet. Great recipes and more at lightlife.com. Contact Us Inquiries By Phone 1-800-769-3279 (Mon.–Fri., 830 AM–530 PM EST) I’m honestly really curious to see what others think of this product. It was uncanny. I have no idea what the hell happened to the texture. For now, I’m very excited about this one. Enter your email address below to receive email notifications whenever I post new recipes. Moreover, the taste was very neutral. 2 cups meatless Smart Ground = 1 lb browned, drained ground beef. Ignore the giant pieces of basil, I got lazy when I started chopping. A lot of people have compared the smell of uncooked Beyond Burgers to cat food, so if you dislike that smell, you’ll appreciate how subtle this product’s scent is. They had baked for 30 minutes at that point and were still mushy. So, I used this recipe and adjusted the amounts by 1/4, for this quantity of vegan ground. Upon tasting, the first thing I noticed was how soft it was. Look for it in the meat aisle at all [Jewel Osco] stores,” it posted. Lightlife calls out Impossible and Beyond, Asian salad with Gardein seven grain tenders, Simple Truth Emerge Plant Based Chik’N Grind review, Marie Callender’s Meatless Gardein Be’f Pot Pie review, Sol wins Veg News best plant based nugget, Everything Bagel Butterfly Shrimp debuts from SeaPak, Alpha Foods launch direct to customer option, Review: Van de Kamp’s Crispy Fish Fillets. It also makes quite a lot of claims regarding versatility, stating it’s perfect for use in things such as tacos, lasagna, and chili. But… they felt incredibly soft. Personalized health review for Lightlife Plant Based Ground: 270 calories, nutrition grade (C), problematic ingredients, and more. It also makes quite a lot of claims regarding versatility, stating it’s perfect for use in things such as tacos, lasagna, and chili. It wasn’t offensive or disgusting by any means, but I was far from impressed even though I desperately wanted to love it. There were tons of awesome flavors going on. But, there are already so many great vegan beef crumble products out there, such as the ones made by Gardein, Boca, Beyond Meat, Trader Joe’s, etc. LightLife Products (Product Review) Note: Thank you to LightLife for sending me coupons to select a few products to try. The new line offers the taste, texture, aroma, and appearance of traditional meat, but is made of plants. They held together extremely well. So, I thought that would be a bad idea. Lean ground beef Lightlife Plant-Based Ground Ingredients: Water, pea protein, expeller pressed canola oil, modified corn starch, modified cellulose, yeast extract, virgin coconut oil, sea salt, natural flavor, beet powder (color), ascorbic acid (to promote color retention), onion extract, onion powder, garlic powder Toll-free, M-F, 9-5 EST 1-800-769-3279. My partner, who’s also vegan, found it to be creepily similar to beef and was actually grossed out upon touching it. I will also be comparing it to other vegan meats, such as the Beyond Burger, just to see how it stacks up. I think it is supposed to mimic ground beef. No added nitrates. I’d cooked it over fairly high heat for a good amount of time, so this surprised me. Download Vegan Ground Beef Lightlife With Hd Quality By Augusto for desktop and phones. Also, because the product claims to have the same taste and texture as beef, I will be comparing it to beef. As previously mentioned, I purchased this product from my local Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market. Lightlife Vegetarian Deli Meats will allow you to have the benefits of plant based proteins, ... FTC Disclosure: We represent a professional research and review team, and on our page you may find affiliate links for which we could be compensated for by clicking on them. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I did find rave reviews for it, so I am going to try it and we will see. Lightlife Smart Ground Mexican Style Veggie Protein Crumbles . I also added in a little bit of vegan Parmesan and some fennel seed, just for some extra flavor. We went ahead and formed the balls, which we measured out to be two tablespoons each. Afterwards, they were still holding together really well. The real appeal of this particular product, in my opinion, is the ability to make things such as meatballs or meatloaf. So, I decided to brown a very small amount up in a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat for about four minutes, moving the bits around occasionally. See more ideas about recipes, vegan recipes, lightlife. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The only thing I’d say is that it’s noticeably more homogeneous than ground beef, which I remember having a sort of coarseness to it. Anyways, when we began forming the balls, I was very pleased with how well they held their shape. So, for the same price, you’re getting a bit more for your buck. There's no difference between these protein sources animal protein! If you’ve tried it, leave me a comment below, or contact me on Instagram @Bitchy_Baker. If you’ve made it this far in the review, I love you <3 Thanks for reading! https://livenaturallymagazine.com/recipes/lightlife-street-tacos I decided to ask my non-vegan mom try these, and she described them as having a “sawdusty” texture. Alternative protein company Lightlife announced yesterday the release of a new plant-based burger that, according to a press release, is meant to deliver “the sensory experience consumers crave from a beef burger.” The so-called Lightlife Burger is made of pea protein, coconut oil, and beet powder. 100% recyclable carton. In the future, I’d probably just buy a pack or two of the Beyond Burgers and use those as a ground beef substitute instead. I may pick up another package and try it in tacos, just to see how that goes. Once they came out of the oven for the final time, I gave up. 12 reviews. Its first major innovation in 40 years, Lightlife’s new Plant-Based Burger and Plant-Based Ground are made from a base of pea protein, coconut oil, and beet powder—ingredients similar to those of Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger and upcoming Beyond Beef grounds. Upon mixing, I was happy to see that it combined really well with other ingredients. As far as the smell, it had a beefy scent that reminded me of a much, much more toned-down version of the smell Beyond Burgers have. I purchased the meat from the freezer aisle of my local grocer. They honestly required almost no chewing, that’s how soft they were. The Lightlife burger has 20 grams of protein and, because it’s plant-based, no cholesterol (beef burgers have a whopping 80 milligrams of cholesterol). Upon opening the package, you’ll see that it definitely has a fairly strong resemblance to ground beef. Dan Curtin, president of Lightlife Foods, said in the press release: “Lightlife Ground is here! Lightlife ground beef recipes. At least until I can get my paws on this stuff. I gave the pan a good shake every so often to ensure they cooked on all sides. Lightlife has many other fake meat products, including plain ground beef and ground sausage. With Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods seemingly dominating the narrative when it comes to plant based products, you’d think the market starts and stops with these two huge players. This is not sponsored. I didn’t have time to defrost in the fridge overnight, so used the inverter-defrost mode of my microwave every briefly for no more than two 45 second blasts. With the first part out of the way, I wanted to try the product out in a recipe. If you frequent any vegan news sites or spend any amount of time on vegan social media platforms, you’ve probably heard about Lightlife’s new Plant-Based Ground.The company’s website claims that the product has the same taste and texture as ground beef. so.. that said... here is my review: This comes in a one pound package that is much like those rolls of cow flesh you can buy. If you are allergic to legumes like peanuts or peas, please be cautious of the possibilities of a reaction. The company’s website claims that the product has the same taste and texture as ground beef. We respect your privacy. They browned beautifully, as you can see below. The only appeal of this product, for me, was in the possibility of using it for recipes such as meatballs or meatloaf since there aren’t many “moldable” vegan beef products on the market yet. They have a wide-range of plant-based meat substitutes. Seasoned only very slightly (see our recipe here) and quickly cooked the finalized meatball was as close to the real deal as I’ve seen from any faux-meat product. However, the meatballs ended up being a bit of a disappointment. We both found the flavor to be really nice, however. Afterwards, I decided to pan fry them in a little bit of olive oil so I could see how well they browned. So, we returned it to the oven for another 15 minutes. Oh, and it's got 9 grams of vegan protein per serving. Although the edges had become almost crumbly. In this video, I review Lightlife's Smart Ground Original - meatless ground beef alternative. There’s materially less saturated fat, less sodium, albeit a little more carbohydrates. As I’d hoped, the flavor is subtly beefy but still neutral enough that you can customize the flavor without fear of the product’s own taste overpowering the dish. Now, the first thing I wanted to do was taste this product on its own without any additional flavors added. LightLife sells a variety of meatless products, ranging from hot dogs/sausages, deli, tempeh, ground, strips and tenders, burgers, breakfast items and entrees. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. I recently picked up a package of this Lightlife Plant Based Ground meat and was blown away. Lightlife | Plant-based protein made with ingredients you know and taste you’ll love. The problem I’ve had in the past with other brands is the rubbery feel the ground had. October 26th 2017, 6:58 pm. The uncooked texture of it is definitely really meat-like. It has that “fresh out of the meat grinder” look. Once they came out again, the texture really hadn’t changed. My partner and I tried a bite of one, we both found it to be incredibly mushy. November 15th 2017, 12:52 pm. Your information will not be shared with any outside party. I figured I would document my experience here for anyone that’s curious. For comparison, Beyond Burgers cost the same amount at the same store, but contain only 8oz of product. Lightlife Plant-Based Ground: With the same great taste and juicy texture as traditional ground beef, the Lightlife Ground is made to be a flexible fridge staple that can be used in every ground meat dish, from lasagna to tacos to chili. It was easy to shape into a patty shape — perhaps even easier than real beef, which you have to handle very delicately to avoid toughening. Lightlife’s Smart Ground Original is a great alternative to ground beef. The meat softened nicely without starting to cook. It was $5.99 for a 12oz package. Seasoned only very slightly (see our recipe here ) and quickly cooked the finalized meatball was as close to the real deal as I’ve seen from any faux-meat product. As a disclaimer: I purchased this product with my own money. Some pieces got a little crispy, which was nice. But, to be honest, I just wouldn’t see the point in purchasing this product in the future. Ingredients: Water, Pea Protein, Canola Oil, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavors, Less Than 2% Of Modified Cellulose (From Plant Fiber), Sea Salt, Vinegar, Beet Powder (Color), Cane Sugar, Cherry Powder (To Promote Color Retention). There are 60 calories in 2 oz (56 g) of Lightlife Foods Gimme Lean Ground Beef Style Veggie Protein. I do have a package of their sausage in the fridge. I normally would like to try simmering them in the sauce, but as soon as I coated them in the warm marinara, I noticed they were already continuing to soften further. AUGUSTOALGUSTO offer daily download for free, fast and easy. I mean, you can’t go wrong with spaghetti. But the pieces were still quite mushy. It also retained most of that pink color, courtesy of the beet powder in the product. I have made tacos with Morning Star’s meat crumbles before and I like them in tacos. It also has less saturated fat—2.5 grams in a quarter-pound patty, compared to 9.3 grams in a beef patty of the same size. These are a great replacement for traditional ground beef! Get full nutrition facts for other Lightlife Foods products and all your other favorite brands. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Lightlife Plant-based Burger Patties, 8 oz (4 Pack, 8 Patties Total) at Amazon.com. However, I will stick to Morning Star for “ground beef” and burgers from now on. I’m Puerto Rican, so I use Adobo, “sofrito” and other spices when I make it. So, the end result was quite tasty. We tasted 12 different meatless burgers, including Impossible Burger and Beyond Meat, to find the plant-based ground beef for burgers, tacos, chili, and more. Finally, I tossed them in a bit of marinara sauce and served them on top of some spaghetti with fresh basil and cashew parm. I would blame the recipe, but the texture of the product itself was pretty mushy to begin with. Got A Question? View top rated Lightlife smart ground stuffed pepper recipes with ratings and reviews. If you like a more meaty chili and do not want to eat your veggies try this vegetarian and vegan chili recipe with lots of mock ground beef. My partner compared them to vegan meatballs that we previously tried that were made entirely of ground nuts, which wasn’t really a favorable comparison. Lightlife is another plant-based food producer. I originally thought I’d try making something simple, like tacos. Veggie and vegan meat brand Lightlife has launched ground beef that tastes just like the real deal.. Lightlife — which labels itself “the plant-based protein pioneer” — announced the launch of its new vegan-friendly product on Instagram. The substitute reviewed today is their Mexican Smart Ground product. In things like chili or spaghetti it’s almost undetectable that … Lightlife s new vegan ground beef actually tastes like the real thing. You’d be wrong, oh so very wrong. If I’m going to use a vegan beef for tacos, I’d just go for a product like Gardein Beefless Crumbles. Beyond Beef looks like ground beef.It has the same reddish hue, texture, and is even speckled with white bits of fat (made from coconut oil). LightLife’s Smart Ground is a great way to substitute meat in many meals, like in burritos and spaghetti with “meat” sauce. I’ll update this post again in a few weeks, when I’ve had a chance to use the product with a few more dishes – tacos, bolognese, maybe meatloaf – and I’ll update accordingly. Lightlife Plant Based Ground whats in the box First up, I’ve only made Middle Eastern kofta using the product so far (see below) but this alone has convinced me this is a quite special product. I fried them off for about 8 minutes, in a large non-stick skillet.

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