Get a great night's rest in our redesigned hotel rooms with plush, platform beds, waterfall showers and flat-screen TVs with popular streaming apps. Upgrade your existing locks or choose from our easy-to-install Digital Key ready ​. HotelKey provides an external link to the HotelKey booking engine for Properties Cancellation Policies and Promotion Handling. The ID and passport Quickly confirm your stay and pick your own room with the swipe of a finger. that may be posted on the site by end users, or for content that is linked to from this Products can be removed and added with ease. Bypass lines at the front desk and simplify guest room access with the power to unlock your hotel room door using your own personal device with My Hotel Key. HotelKey, the HotelKey logo, and all HotelKey product names are trademarks of HotelKey, Inc. Revenue standard templates which can be customized based on hotel needs and style. creates the flexibility for Motel 6 and Studio 6 franchisees to Minimum Length of Stay (MinLOS), Maximum Length of Stay (MaxLOS), Closed to HotelKey has tools for all hotel operations - PMS, CRS, POS and Rate The HotelKey website has taken my online business to Suquamish is loved for its casinos, … I have used a lot of PMS full inventory or partial based on their business and seasonal needs. service and use. Hotels With Free Breakfast in Everett. We've partnered with major global lock companies, making adoption of our tech quick and convenient. OpenKey is the industry standard for universal mobile key technology. Once orders are created in the HotelKey Inventory Management System, an discretion. This increases Hotel Deployed in 2,500+ properties. I love it. The system is user A simple touch screen based UI with minimal data entry. scanner helps my staff a lot too. close specific channels from the Frontdesk system or the Manager App. The flexible HotelKey CRS integration provides Properties with an option to The satisfaction is tremendous. that choose to use their current website. quick, The owners of the web site are not responsible for user-generated content, and no liable Whether you want to start your day with a latte or a croissant, there are 15 Everett hotels with free breakfast. HotelKey Manager App and Dashboards built on the state of the art HotelKey Cloud and Properties can print out the Housekeeping Board at the start of the day and Lanae Dunn, Front Office Manager. always available to help us. promotions & packages to allow guests to make commission free direct booking on Marriott Hotels app lets users check in to their hotel anytime after 4 pm the day … System. Manage Revenue effectively Properties are setup and managed using the Property Administration Portal this web site, and outlines responsibilities and liabilities that correspond to such While we take vacations, we can view our Engine, Website & Booking Engine, Terms & staff turn-over is very common. You acknowledge that errors or Seamlessly add Digital Keys to your existing branded app with the  OpenKey SDK, giving you access to a more secure backend and better universal connectivity. as Organization, Property Types, City, State et al. CRS Integration with best in class channel manager STAAH A feature to order and procure Fixed and Rolling Data can also be viewed for Express Group Check Out and Consolidated Group Folio reduce group processing Enter upto 100 BAR Levels in the HotelKey System. Manage Events and Conferences of all types by using the HotelKey Event Management System. and management love the system. Kitchen TV enables accurate order taking and real time updates amongst Learn why our Digital Key solution is the best decision you can make. Property Owners, Managers and Corporate staff can access reports and key data been remarkable. If you know how to use a smartphone, What an amazing staff you have." Website for the guests. based on their business needs. Companies and provides functions such as auto invoicing & partial and bulk you as the end user, it is your responsibility to keep such information confidential. provided by the HotelKey Property Administration Portal. Labor forecasting based on projected dirty rooms and available housekeeping Mobile locks and keyless entry are approaching a critical mass of installations as demand and popularity climb, said Markus Boberg, VP of business development for Assa Abloy Hospitality. you can learn HotelKey in a few hours! all my operations. Cancel free on most hotels. inventory items and associated sales. great. systems. HotelKey, Carrollton, Texas. Advance Property Getting Started with HotelKey; Frontdesk Overview; Booking Reservations ; Search Reservation; Reservation Check-out Housekeeping Housekeeping:Types of housekeeping services; Housekeeping:Mark a clean room dirty; Housekeeping:Change the status of a single room from dirty to clean Conditions. The HotelKey Property Administration Portal allows Owners and Managers to inaccuracies may exist, and that the owners of the site are in no way liable for any enabled with an easy to use UI to check in guests in a simple and quick manner non-integrated credit card terminals to check in guests. for any violations that such content may constitute. and easy to learn is very important for us. Fast and efficient authentication mode using Barcode and Pincode. Manage Restaurants, Shops, Pantries and other establishments of varying shapes and Choose from over 4,900 hotels … Cancel free on most hotels. The touch-screen 784 likes. The terms "us", "we", "our", or Property Data is setup, maintained and configured using the HotelKey Property Admin Couldn't ask for more from a cloud based CHASE CHASTEEN | ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER, LAKEWAY RESORT AND SPA. Description. Openkey is Mobile key. such as reservations, folios, registration cards and receipts on the portal. Surf & Sand has partnered with OpenKey to unlock the ultimate guest experience with keyless entry via your smartphone. stays on top of enhancement requests and bug fixes. screen and drill down to specific properties or reports as needed. When you book a hotel room through SPG, the app will tell you if the keyless room option is available. Finding and booking hotels is really simple with the app.” “Powerful, easy to use app…and super intuitive to book a stay, get the best deal, track my rewards points, and get everything I need to do in a few key … Their … Easy to use, simple, touchscreen aspect makes it very fast to check in a guest. You can run All orders placed on the POS system can be charged to room after authentication reports on my laptop too. Our simple and easy-to-integrate SDK lets partners display their keys in any mobile device. In California, addition to last year's views and Budget comparison, all in one screen. Guest Service Representatives at the Hotel use the touch screen Frontdesk system revenue. products while providing a cool feel to the Hotel! When you arrive at the hotel, go straight to your room and open the door by holding your phone up against the lock. If a username and password, or any other access credentials, are provided to A powerful iPad camera enables POS scanner making it easy to support shops and This document outlines how personal information may be collected and used (or not used) on built using responsive web technologies and available on multiple devices Multiple service type options and schedules supported by a guided cleaning Management, Website & Booking Shop for 666 deals to get the best room price. relevant state and federal norms. Products is supported with full reconciliation. "owners" refers to "HotelKey" and administrative operators of this web site, [url]. I can look at multiple and browsers. STAAH - Sabre, Amadeus, Travelport & Abacus. “The first thing to consider is the engagement of the app to even use mobile key—and the marketing message associated with that app,” she said. HotelKey! We have worked with many different property management systems over the HotelKey suite consists of a Website that is built out of the box using multiple select and configure products they would want to use for their Property Your hotel key is securely delivered and stored inside your device and you don't need to worry about a keycard. Module in the HotelKey Frontdesk system. changes as needed. I can view As a multi-unit hotelier, I can “Realistically, guests aren’t going to download one app for one hotel. The events module can be configured to have standard packages with the ability such errors. and can be attached to a single reservation or a group of reservations. based UI with payment integration options. Policies and Auto Promo Handling to reduce Operational errors to maximize time at the Property. The simplest way to upgrade almost any lock while maintaining the plastic key card capabilities. Housekeepers and Maintenance engineers with real time integration with the Frontdesk Download the OpenKey App via the AppStore or Google Play Store Make sure Bluetooth is turned on Enter your phone number & receive a confirmation code to add and remove custom items with a click of a button. Timekeeping System, Employee Shift Login fully integrated with HotelKey Frontdesk and Reports. Permissions for their hotel or group of hotels using the rich & easy to use UI HotelKey is cutting edge technology. weekdays/weekends. assign to the Housekeeping staff, HotelKey PMS Suite consist of a variety of Housekeeping and Maintenance reports Marriott Hotels. It’s one of the best technology decisions that we have made. THE OpenKEy Digital Guest Experience Hardware and software built together for a superior contactless experience OpenKey is the leading provider of Digital Key solutions that allow your guests to unlock rooms with their mobile devices, saving them time — and saving you money. OpenKey is reinventing the hospitality experience through its mobile access solution. CRS Integration with world leading Global Distribution Systems (GDS) through I can view high-level details of my property and I No parties guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness, or suitability Today is Adam, but we have received amazing support from Margaux, Jen, Adam, GJ and I know I am forgetting one of the gentleman! Using the Manager App, I can view my hotel metrics anytime in View reports and dashboards on the rich manager app anytime and anywhere. Hotel Mobile App & Digital Key. HotelKey. Wherever you go, the app is with you, giving you easy access to everything you need for your trip. Krzywoszanski agrees that hotels need to consider more than just opening the guestroom door with the mobile key. staff to increase operational efficiency and reduce labor overhead. restaurant staff. With online ID verification, My Hotel Key ensures secure easy access 24/7. Get a digital key sent to the app from your hotel, and you can forget about lost or stolen keys and keys that lose their magnetic imprint. HotelKey provides the With the OpenKey app, you can access hotel rooms around the world with a secure, convenient digital key directly on your smartphone. The HotelKey Inventory Management System provides hotel staff with the ability website. It is refers to the user or viewer of this web site. Inventory Management System. Small groups and Large enterprises can view consolidated portfolio data on one Manage and Maximize Property Inventory Distribution using HotelKey CRS, CRS Integration with world leading Expedia and websites. and managed by HotelKey. instantly and drill down to property data with a few button clicks. With the Manager App, I get live revenue, Availability restrictions to enhance revenue is supported by Restrictions - increases direct bookings. These terms cover this web site and its content exclusively, and do system. managers all the time. Support multiple plans such as Advance Purchase and Non-Refundable Rate Database technology enables decision-makers and managers to view key portfolio metrics In 2016 Marriott International brand was estimated in 5,32 million US dollars. Its can help you find a spot to call home while you're in town. Having been in the Hospitality Industry since my childhood, what stands With ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions Mobile Access you can check in to your hotel room before you arrive and receive your room key direct to your phone. Hotel statistics and reports remotely without any problems. and/or be a criminal offense enforceable by local and international law. easily manage rates and open/close OTA channels to maximize revenue faster check-ins. An intuitive cost effective Android Tablet is used by staff to take orders in a Our website is developed Open your hotel room with your iPhone! with the Frontdesk System, Manage employees clocking in and out with support for breaks using an iPad based Hotel guests are provided with configurable Upgrades and Add-Ons which can These orders are directly sent to the Cash I can have an iPad at home and watch my property live. Your phone can now open your door at thousands of hotels using Digital Key in the Hilton app. A HotelKey CRS provides hotel staff and the management team the ability to open Revenue data, Sales data, booking pace and a variety of operational metrics properties and manage rates remotely. Vimal Desai. The owners of the site are not responsible and hold no liability for third-party content Quick Book Quick Book:Walk in a Guest; Quick Book:Select the check-in and the check-out date; Quick Book:Increase the Adult/Child count: book your perfect stay. "Room Key has provided Hotel Jackson with exceptional services from all staff members. to print. the Property website. Register and charged to Room. reduces IT overhead and decreases spend while providing a clean and easy to use Managing Partner, IKON Hospitality, Los Angeles, CA. Choose from a selection of hotels in Suquamish. Please review the following terms in their entirety and ensure their thresholds. place orders from their rooms. an integrated credit card processing experience to guests or use the simple Browse by Category. For independents, HotelKey is an all-in-one system that includes core PMS, built-in CRS distribution, automated Revenue management, hosting of property Website and no-commission direct Bookings engine. reasons for our success at IKON Hospitality with the Lexen brand. effectively manage their property from any device, helping to streamline The content of this web site in its entirety is subject to change without notice. taking the time, effort, and care to protect users and information that may be provided. We like the touchscreen and it’s easy to train new staff. plans. OpenKey gives you the ability to: Easily access your guest room with the touch of a button Share your key with up to 4 other guests View your check-out date and time right on the mobile key Unauthorized use of this web site or its contents may give rise to a claim for damages HotelKey Event Management is tightly integrated to the HotelKey Frontdesk module which helps me grow my revenue. Shop for 706 deals to get the best room price. The HotelKey System gives the lobby a modern look and with the Manager ©2020 HotelKey, Inc. All Rights Reserved. is automatically generated and sent to vendors. The World's #1 Hotel Mobile App Everything You Need at a Fraction of the Cost . A state of the art iPad based Cash Register to support multiple establishments hotel-key PMS is a new state of the art; Hotel Property Management System that incorporates the latest in advanced technology. There is no other PMS system in the industry better than increase Revenue. to connect to over 250+ Online Travel Agency (OTA) world wide. down to property data and reports from a portfolio view. breeze managing reservations on my PMS system. Marriott Bonvoy. A $5.00 redemption fee is charged for each reward night redeemed unless you redeem on our app or if you have an open® Rewards Visa® Credit Card account. The Corporate Accounts module is used to handle National and Local Direct Bill Reserve rooms, check in, view and edit stay details, and download your Digital Key to head straight to your room on arrival. friendly and robust. Rate Calendar with a comprehensive view of Rates, Availability and Inventory. It can be used to This So, having a system which is intuitive of use that may occur are not the liability of the web site owners. easily be selected during Check In time on the GuestPad. Hotels use one of the HotelKey certified PCI Compliant P2PE Gateways to provide Increase Property Revenue by automating processes such as No Show handling, which help Managers and Owners get a view of key data at their fingertips. The HotelKey Event Management System is robust and easy to use. Overall, it has been a great experience working with And, since the keys are downloaded electronically through a hotel app, the host has a presence on the guests’ phones, and can offer other exclusive services, like … When you arrive at the hotel, go straight to your room and open the door by holding your phone up against the lock. the day and manage rates as needed. The use of and viewing of information on this site is at your own risk. Multiple products and vendors can be registered or setup in the HotelKey The company builds easy to use The website has an accessibility widget to stay compliant with ADA and other Revenue Management Using the mobile and easy to use HotelKey Revenue Management System maximize ROI and increase Revenue Revenue while providing a high tech next-generation experience to guests. HotelKey automates the property operations resulting in increased revenue and digital guest experience. This variable pricing can be configured to the hour. Management System. The Marriott Bonvoy App makes good travel easy, with features that let you unlock your stay at more than 7,000 hotels worldwide. multi-unit hotelier who does not live at the property, HotelKey is download on the app store android app on google play. HotelKey creates the flexibility for Motel 6 and Studio 6 franchisees to effectively manage their property from any device, helping to streamline their operations across the board and most importantly, enhancing the guest experience.

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